Why? Why? Why? debate skills game

Este blog (https://strictly4myteacherz.wordpress.com) incluye reflexiones de un profesor de inglés como segunda lengua en España. Ofrece recursos didácticos y actividades aportando su experiencia al llevarlos a cabo y consejos para su aplicación. Este post incluye una actividad para que los alumnos aprendan a debatir.

$trictly 4 my T.E.A.C.H.E.R.Z

Seems like my lag time between posts is getting longer and longer…I suppose I’ve been busier than usual, cooking up some really hyperspecialized material for my students none of which I imagine would be of any use to anyone else out there.  But now that I’ve got a minute I figured I’d share something that’ s been pretty useful in a variety of settings.

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